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The drumbeat of insanity goes on in the PCUSA

What greater evidence does one need of the utter lunacy that has led this once great denomination down the slippery road to heresy and apostacy. The GAPJC decision on the Jane Spahr case resembles a scene out of the twilight zone. Here we have a clear cut case, where an “ordained” pastor of the PCUSA acting well outside the bounds of her call, marries gay/lesbian couples on a regular basis. She admits to as much, using the term marriage. After her Presbytery excuses her case, the Synod gives her the mildest form of rebuke, and now she is completely exonerated by the highest court of the PCUSA General Assembly PJC. You can find a summary of the case here http://layman.org/.
Let me see if I understand their decision? Since marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman, any homosexual marriage ceremony (which Spahr fully admits to performing) is not really a marriage by definition, so there is no infraction. Wow! This is clearly either the worst case of category mix-up or a clear and continued sign that this denomination will swallow both gnat and camel happily and with great enthusiasm.
The categorical slight of hand magic trick is astounding. Now you see it, now you don’t. What was once included in the category of morality has now become simply a legal definition. Are we attempting to give scientific/mathematical definitions or are we speaking about what is morally permissible? What was intended as a moral category of action, has now been transformed into merely a definition. The hand is quicker than the eye.
As I wrote in my previous post, there no longer is any such thing as orthodoxy (right belief) in the PCUSA, only orthopraxy according to another recent ruling of the GAPJC. Yet, now it seems that orthopraxy has taken another hit as well. I guess the only two essentials that remain are that women must be allowed leadership in all ministerial leadership roles in the church, and property belongs to the Presbyteries not the congregations. The second is being contested by multiple congregations. One pillar (inclusion) remains.


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  1. Adel,
    I think this a good work you have begun. Keep it up. One suggestion would be to define any acronym that you use. You did on most of them in the blog, but I did not see a description of PUP. Perhaps a page on the blog with the more common acronyms to which you will refer would be possible. Also, while I can think of a church and pastor who might not wish to participate, perhaps you could seek comments from some PCUSA pastors that do not agree with the party line (assuming there are any!). Even a comment from someone at a Presbytery might be informative as to how he or she could interpret Scripture to support the position. Of course that would presuppose that the person considers Scripture when deciding on his or her position. I always amazed at things like the “legal twisting” you mention in regard to the definition of marriage. It would seem that a supposedly orthodox Christian minister/pastor/rector/whatever, who would conclude that there is nothing wrong with marrying gay couples because a marriage does not take place because a marriage is allegedly between a man and a woman, attempts to straddle a fence so large that severe rectal pain must surely ensue (and be well earned).

    Please keep teaching, and keep pointing out heresy and contradictions. People need to hear this and it will reach and affect some folks.

    Best regards,

    Comment by Mark E. Thurman | April 30, 2008

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I will try and do a better job at defining terms and acronyms. As for opposing interpretations of scripture on these issues, I would direct you to More Light Presbyterians mlp.org or the Covenant Network http://www.covenantnetwork.org/home.htm . Both groups are working for the full inclusion of Gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgendered self-identified individuals into the body and leadership of the church.

    For the most thorough and highest biblical scholarship on the issues of biblical interpretation of scripture in regards to homosexuality, I recommend Dr. Robert Gagnon’s book and articles. You can find some of his articles here http://www.robgagnon.net/

    Comment by Adel Thalos | April 30, 2008

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