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It has become all too popular for so-called open-minded liberals and moderates to claim the mantle of justice and righteousness in their actions to liberalize the denomination. “Justice” is the rallying call. The movement of “the Spirit” is the reason given for the direction of what is right. The focus of this call to “justice” within the PCUSA and other mainline Protestant denominations continues to be homosexual equality and rights. [Ultimately, this is merely the tip of the iceberg, whose greater portion is made up of theological liberalism, which by all theological definition is an utter denial of Christian Orthodoxy. This is not a mere variation of Christianity, but a 180 degree reversal of theological positions on nearly all aspects of doctrine.]
Let us assume for a moment, as nearly all the leaders of mainline denominations would like, that for the last 1900+ years the Christian church has interpreted the scriptures on homosexuality all wrong, that this is merely an interpretation problem. Having assumed this, we must address the foundational issue that homosexuality is an absolute inherent reality within those who self-identify themselves as such. Yet, what they seem not to realize is that even secular science and philosophy is completely skeptical of this. Even the extremely left-leaning Kinsey report does not support this assertion. Edward Stein (a major secular supporter of all gay rights) in his book, The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual Orientation [New York: Oxford University Press, 1999] presents the scientific research and evidence clearly indicating that a significant portion of sexual identity within homosexuals has to do with choice. On the back cover of the book, the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, said this about the book, “A landmark book…. It so pulls the rug out from under biological arguments for lesbian and gay rights that anyone from now on who appeals to such arguments will have to answer to Edward Stein’s objections” (from back cover).

The foundation of the argument for homosexual rights and inclusion must be biological determinism. If that foundation cannot be sustained then the next level of logical argumentation is baseless. Even if it were to be sustained, which it clearly is not, then it must be shown that the biological determinism of homosexuality is significantly different than a biological predisposition, similar to some forms alcoholism. Simply because someone has a biological predisposition to alcoholism does not mean that living out an alcoholic lifestyle is a moral good or even morally neutral. The overwhelming biblical evidence that homosexual acts are sin and the utter lack of any scientific evidence that would point to biological determinism does not seem to affect those who continue to push for the full inclusion of unrepentant GLBT self-identified persons into all levels of Christian leadership. Is there something else that informs their so-called acts of justice? It certainly is not the Bible. Nor is it the scientific theory of the day. Is this merely secular “worldliness”, white-washed with a veneer of Christian language? Are these the false prophets and anti-Christs about which we have been warned repeatedly in God’s Word? It seems abundantly clear that this is in fact the truth.


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