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I Know What and Whom I have Believed Part 4: God the Creator

With such statements as “god is still creating”, candidates for ministry and pastors within their statements of faith, reject traditional orthodox protestant reformed theology, in favor of liberalism and neoliberalism. Gone is a personal theistic God who reveals himself infallibly within the pages of scripture, in favor a monistic (all is a part of god) belief system. Thousands of those who hold positions of leadership within Christian churches sign onto statements that affirm Darwinistic evolution, thereby rejecting historic orthodox Christian positions. The essential truth that a personal God created all that exists out of nothing (ex nihilo) is constantly maligned and rejected.
I believe that it is time to stand firmly upon another absolute essential of Reformed Faith.
All of the universe, both the physical reality and the spiritual (unseen) reality was created by God ex nihilo (out of nothing) by his powerful word (John 1:1-3, Genesis 1:1). The universe was established by a sole and sovereign Creator, who went about his task unaided by any helpers, and unimpeded by any opposing forces (Gen. 1, Rom. 1:20, Eph. 3:9). Everything we see around us in nature is not a god or a part of the One God but is created by the One God (Gen. 1). The spiritual realm is also created by God and did not always exist (Gen 1:1). Before the creation of the universe, God was the only reality, and the nonexistence of other beings or powers serves to highlight the divine unity which is the very opposite of the diversity which is to characterize the created world (Gen. 1:1, John 1:1,2). All things are created by the Father through the Son (1 Cor. 8:6, John 1:3).


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  1. Adel,

    [I’m responding here because I couldn’t find an e-mail and didn’t know if you’d return to my blog to see the answer.]

    Re: comment on “Ichabod and Scribbling on the Wall”

    While I recognize the reality of your last paragraph, I don’t understand how it relates to the question you asked me (it seems backwards like it should have been “I have known other pastors with ‘no line’ who later discovered one…”

    At any rate, to answer you last question: I do have a line in the sand, but it is one of personal obedience and faithfulness rather than one I am waiting to see if others cross. Does that make sense in light of my article?

    If, in pursuing faithful ministry, I am removed from the PCUSA because of not changing with changing denominational standards, that is another matter. But I do not foresee ‘x’ happening and me saying, “Now I’m leaving.”

    Comment by robert austell | August 11, 2008

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