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Regret & hurt

From time to time, I find myself in a reflective, somber mood. The passing of my beloved first dog has been the impetus for my most recent ennui.
At times like this I tend to reflect not only on loss and mourning, but I also take the time to mourn and repent of my own sins and failures. There is much I have done and left undone of which I need to repent. Recently I received an e-mail about the upcoming Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and I especially need to repent for not volunteering enough in ministries that are actively working to provide alternatives to women considering aborting a human life.

The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in love and will forgive. Humble recognition of our own failures and the sinfulness of our hearts as we encounter a holy, yet loving and forgiving God leads to deeper repentance and fuller reconciliation.

Consider this video of one of my favorite songs:

Here we have a strong recognition of one’s own failures and a loss of soul. Weaved throughout the video are Christian themes, but the words never recognize the hope found in the vicarious substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who objectively takes upon himself our sins and failures and they are forever removed from us, nailed to the cross. This is our hope and strength. Our hope is not to have a chance to do it again and get it right the next time, but rather our hope is in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. We are therefore freed and empowered to proclaim the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ alone.


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