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Christians, divorce & the gay marriage argument

“In any case, one might add, Paul argued more strenuously against divorce—and at least half of the Christians in America disregard that teaching.” Lisa Miller, Newsweek article

I have just listened to NPR’s presentation with Lisa Miller and Albert Mohler on what the Bible teaches about “gay marriage”. She once again used the above argument to defend her position. Let us take a closer look at this argument:

  1. Paul argues strongly for life-long committed marriages and against divorce.
  2. At least half of Christians disregard this.
  3. Therefore, they should disregard Paul’s view of homosexual acts and allow gay marriage.

I wonder how well this argument works for other areas of moral failure?

  1. The Bible argues strongly against theft.
  2. Many Christians have at one time or another taken something that is not theirs (such as a pen from work).
  3. Therefore, we should affirm theft as a positive behavior trait.

The argument simply does not work.

Both Paul and Jesus allow for divorce in certain cases, even though it is never God’s ideal situation. It has often been summarized as divorce is allowed in the New Testament for reasons of infidelity and abandonment. There is still sin involved and moral failure that requires repentance and a contrite and humble heart. The church currently has a relatively weak response to divorce and the way we approach the issue certainly needs reconsideration, but this should never mean that we abandon all the ideals and moral views of divorce. Yet this is the position that Lisa Miller takes in her analogy of divorce and the biblical views of homosexual acts. The horrendous forms of argumentation that are used by the religious left to attack evangelical Christians should be seen for what it is: morally bankrupt.


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