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She came just to end her abortion, and they killed her child. How dare they?

Lisa Schiffren has written an excellent article on the botched abortion case in Florida. The young woman who went to the clinic to have the abortion is now suing the clinic. Lisa Schiffren writes:

But… But how does the young non-mother have standing to sue? She came to the clinic to have the baby removed from her body and destroyed. The baby was removed and destroyed. What’s the actual harm to her? She didn’t like the method?  The issue seems to be that she was forced to witness the ordeal that was a direct, if messy, consequence of the procedure she requested.  Would it have been better to see the baby taken out in parts? Injected with poison and born dead?

I have written about this before, and I continue to be very troubled about the entire thing. This is the greatest moral evil and insanity of our day. So many in our culture have been sold a bill of goods—that is actual evil in disguise. And yet, we have as president a man who is now funding the promotion of abortion worldwide and is fully supporting the Planned Parenthood agenda, supported by many in mainline denominations and even many evangelicals. The insanity!

The reality is that this woman went into this clinic to murder her 23-week old pre-born child. The child was murdered, though not in exactly the way it was planned. Instead of being murdered in utero, torn apart, and poisoned, then discarded, the child was born alive, then suffocated to death and discarded. Someone please tell me what the moral difference is? Why is it more deplorable that the child took a breath or two, before being murdered? It seems to me that to be logically consistent, all those who support a woman’s right to an abortion as we currently have, should also support forms of early infanticide. I see no moral difference. Why is a person more human once they are breathing on their own outside of their mother’s uterus? Let us do all we can to end this moral evil in our own culture. God have mercy on us.


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  1. Adel,

    Can you imagine the publicity and public outrage that would be generated if someone were to take a neary incupated chicken egg and and smash it to pieces just as the chick was starting to pick its way out of the shell? Any human being that would do such a thing would be branded (and rightly so) as cruel and heartless. And yet, organizations such as Planned Parenthood (and our President) support this gruelsome, morally evil act when it is done to human beings. It is done under the banner of “a woman’s right to choose”. Let’s finish the statement – “a woman’s right to choose to kill her baby”. We certainly wouldn’t want anyone PUNISHED WITH A BABY. You are so right – God have mercy on us all.


    Comment by Rob Sayler | March 7, 2009

  2. Rob,

    Excellent analogy arguing from lesser to greater — how Biblical of you.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Adel | March 7, 2009

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