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Planned means planned – do not be deceived

“Planned” parenthood wants you to plan your parenthood. This is the idea. So how far does this go? Well, if a human fetus has no rights, other than that which the “mother” would like to bestow, then all “planning” is possible. There is this news, which is coming out of Sweden:

Sweden, which legalized abortion in 1938, has taken its abortion extremism one step further by legalizing “gender based” abortion which allows a mother to decide to abort her baby solely due to his or her sex. The Local reported that a pregnant woman in South Sweden, who already has two girls, arrived at Mälaren Hospital and inquired whether or not she would be giving birth to another girl.   She went on to tell her doctors that her previous two pregnancies ended in abortion because she did not want to have another girl – and if this child was another girl, she would have it aborted as well. Doctors expressed concern over this and brought it to the attention of Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare. They asked how to handle requests where doctors felt “pressured to examine the [fetus’s] gender” without a medical rationale. The Board came back and said that requests to for abortions based on a child’s gender cannot be refused.

This is the logical conclusion of abortion on demand and abortion for the purpose of “planning” one’s parenthood. If a pre-born human can be aborted by a woman because she does not want to give birth to a baby at the moment, why shouldn’t she be allowed to abort for a sex preference? When we so de-value life, then this is the logical next step.

It is currently happening in Canada and the U.S. as well, though still undercover:

This country has likely lost thousands of girls to sex-selection abortion, but hard data is difficult to compile. Alternative explanations, such as increased viral infection among Indian women, simply do not account for the large variations between communities. Anecdotal and statistical evidence shows that sex-selection abortion is the best explanation for the distortion.

Mainline “Christian” denominations that still actively advocate for nearly unlimited abortion rights have much to answer for.


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  1. Adel,
    Isn’t this just one more symptom of a much larger problem? We, as Americans are a greedy, entitled bunch of spoiled brats. We think we deserve “it all”. Most churches preach “cheap grace”. We go to church, sing 3 hymns, say a confession, pass some peace, listen to a 12 minute sermon and are back on the street in an hour, home in time to watch the Cowboys play. Heaven forbid the minister say something that makes us uncomfortable, we’ll just move to the church down the street, we hear they have better coffee anyway. Okay, I’m a little cynical, but, I think it’s probably a good thing that the mainline denominations are an endangered species.

    Comment by Sam Mack | May 18, 2009

  2. Sam,

    Your observation is right on the mark. I wonder how long it will be until someone opens a drive through confessional or a drive-up communion service. I can imagine a pastor and two helpers on roller skates cruising around to all of the cars serving a cracker and a small cup of juice. Maybe Starbucks could combine a wafer, a juice, and a double latte on Sundays along with a business card reciting scripture. Complete absolution for only $4.23. It sounds ridiculous – but I fear it isn’t that far of a reach!

    Comment by Rob Sayler | May 19, 2009

  3. Sam,

    I can’t say that I disagree with anything you wrote.

    I am just wondering where you are coming from in all of this.
    On your blog, you display the PCUSA symbol. Yet, you are saying that it might just be a good thing that the mainline churches die. Are you “of two minds” in all of this?

    I’m just curious.

    Comment by Adel | May 19, 2009

  4. Adel,
    I have been Presby most of my life, I’m an Elder and have served on Session at two different churches and on a Presbytery committee. I love the PC(USA), in theory. There is no PC church where we live right now, so we attend an evangelical, non-denominational church.

    My recent experience is, most of the ministers I have dealt with, don’t believe what they preach. They are trying to “define” a God for me, that they don’t even know. The PC(USA) has become more political, than religious. I attended the Presby Women Triennium three years ago, the best part was watching the finals of the World Cup at the pub across the street. It was all very political. I just think the large denominations are not what God, as I define Him, intended. Or maybe it’s just the natural evolution of the Church.

    I have an engineering/scientific background, so I tend to over-analyze everything, faith is difficult. Most of my life I’ve been too busy to think too much about it, now that I’m at the age where, parents are dying, kids are messing up…I’ve become a little more introspective. When I discovered that even the ministers didn’t believe what they were preaching, it was a little disillusioning.

    That’s a rambling synopsis of how I got where I am. Now I guess I’m just searching. I sense that you believe what you say, I may not agree with all of it, but I’ll be the first to admit I may have everything all wrong.

    To answer your original question – yes, I’m of two minds, or maybe hearts.

    Comment by Sam | May 20, 2009

  5. Sam,

    I do not believe that this is the right venue for me to speak to your story and to your beliefs in detail. I am very sorry to hear that you have experienced pastors who do not believe what they proclaim. It always breaks my heart to hear of this, and is one of the big reason that I am so outspoken about liberal theology, which is utterly deceptive by nature, though I am sure that there are many conservative pastors that do not live out what they proclaim. I hope that my congregation understands that I too am a fallen and sinful person, who fails to live up to the life God has called me to live. But then again, I teach and preach on that regularly.

    I too have an engineering/science background and can probably understand some of your perspective. During my early college years, I found myself doubting much of what I had learned in church. Later I set out to explore the truth and veracity of the claims of Christianity and found the hound of God pursuing me. Christ radically changed my life, and I was utterly convinced of the truth claims of scripture. I pray that the same hound of heaven will pursue you and that the truth claims of scripture will be established in your heart.

    Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.

    In the Grace of Jesus our Lord and Savior,
    Adel Thalos

    Comment by Adel | May 20, 2009

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