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A hero to some if they were late-term abortions

I just ran across this story of three dead infants that were found in the basement of a home in London, Ontario

Here is a portion of this story:

Sinn, 32, faces three counts each of concealing the body of a child and offering an indignity to a dead human body.

The information also alleges she tried to hide the fact that they had been born by keeping them in a "storage tote box".


As I thought about this particular story, it dawned on me that many in the pro-choice camp would consider this woman to be a hero, if these children were aborted moments before they would have been born.  In late-term abortion clinics, these children would simply have been dismantled and their bodies discarded.  Yet, this woman is being charged with “offering an indignity to a dead human body.”  Does all this seem as incongruous to you as it does to me?  In a country like Canada that has extremely progressive abortion policies, if it is shown that these children were aborted, then it is perfectly fine to kill them and discard their remains in whatever manner is most expedient.  But if the children were born and breathed for a while, then she will be charged for a felony, just for treating their bodies with indignity.  This all seems absolutely insane to me.  Eventually it seems to me, all of this is going to lead to the legalization of full infanticide.  It must, for our culture of death reach equilibrium.


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  1. I read this before church this morning and it was on my mind all day.

    I really don’t think that we will ultimately legalize full infanticide, but I do see your point.

    I have assumed that most late-term abortions were due to critical medical issues, however, I did some very unscientific Googling of statistics and found that possibly less than 1% of late-term abortions are for medical reasons. Disturbing.

    I think this is a symptom of an assortment of other issues. Unfortunately, until we deal with those issues, unwanted pregnancies will continue to occur. And, abortions will continue, legal or not. Both sides of the issue are guilty of yelling slogans at each other without actually listening.

    When I was pregnant, I once had to go to an Obgyn other than my own. I didn’t know he performed abortions and I had to walk through picketers who yelled at me. This has colored my opinion of the pro-life movement since.

    But, I’m with you on the late-term abortions.

    OT- I received my “Church History”. Are there Cliff Notes? 🙂

    Comment by Sam Mack | June 14, 2009

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