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Choosing nonsense not choosing life

Believe it or not, I look forward to reading email notices from the Presbyterian News Service.  It usually gives me good fodder to address the political foolishness and nonsense that masquerades as Presbyterianism.  Just this evening I received a story called Choosing Life, written by Carol Gruber, reporting on Barbara Rossing’s presentation at  the gathering of the Presbyterian Women.   I was intrigued by the title of this article as I did not expect the topic of abortion to be addressed, let alone for a presenter to take a pro-life stance.  I quickly realized that this had nothing to do with abortion, but with more nonsense regarding global climate change.

Barbara Rossing spoke of the enchantment of waking to the song of a bird, gazing at a waterfall or watching a child discover a new creature.  But is all well with the world we cherish? As Rossing described the failing health of the earth, she reminded the audience, “The cruelest injustice of climate change is that it hurts the poor – those who have done the least to cause the problem – the hardest … As Christians, we should be concerned about that.”

I wonder if Ms. Rossing is aware of the rising worldwide skepticism of human-caused global warming? 

I wonder if she is aware that more and more scientists are rejecting human-caused global warming, and more and more empirical evidence is showing no global warming at all?

I wonder if she is aware that “the poor” are more likely to suffer because of draconian efforts, like cap and trade that impacts the poor quite dramatically with increased costs for everything

Her comment on watching a child discover a new creature saddens me.  The title of this article could have easily been associated with a report on pro-life efforts.  Seeing that instead it is a report about a Presbyterian leader pushing a progressive agenda, despite growing scientific evidence, it could have been about saving millions of lives.  It breaks my heart.

Recalling Deuteronomy 30:19, Rossing challenged the listeners with the urgency of choice. God says to the people, “(C)hoose life so that you and your descendents may live.” Rossing reminded the crowd that “choosing life” means living in a more sustainable way. She also reflected that the time to choose life is now.

Wow!  Talk about taking a biblical text way out of context!  Moses’ speech is clear and unambiguous.  He calls on the Israelites to obediently and exclusively grasp onto Yahweh and his revealed law.  For the Lord is Life and his Word brings life.  Moses warns them to not let their hearts and wills to stray from exclusive love and obedience to the Lord, or they will be destroyed.

“We are living in an urgent moment … a ‘kairos moment,’” Rossing said, defining a kairos moment as “when your whole life comes to a focus, an urgent moment in time.” She pointed out that even in this week, those at the Gathering are at a kairos moment — a turning point. In fact, Rossing said that the whole world is standing at a turning point, an “urgent kairos moment for God’s creation.”

Wow!  You would think that a Christian speaker might be referring to a massive renewal or evangelism, where thousands of people are repenting and coming to Christ, finding salvation.  Instead it looks like she is referring to a green theology.

As people consider how to work for renewable energy, sustainable food economies and the revitalization of local communities, Rossing asked, “How will we, our churches and our world, lead? How will we face this moment … and how will our church inspire the world to take action, choosing the path of life?”  Rossing credited the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with “what is probably the most visionary statement on energy use and climate change of any U.S. church, a statement called The Power to Change, that commits your church to ambitious goals for climate change advocacy and reductions in carbon emissions, for the sake of the healing of the world.” As we work to correct the wrongs of the past, the climate crisis can be an opportunity for evangelism, Rossing said. A church in Delaware put 180 solar panels on its roof, and because of this, new people were drawn to the church. A Seattle church brought hybrid cars to its energy fair. Many other churches are drinking fair-trade coffee and advocating for stronger clean energy and green jobs legislation in Congress.  Rossing, author of the 2010–11 Horizons Bible study on the book of Revelation said she believes “the book of Revelation can help us find the healing we need … Revelation’s images of renewal and healing — the river of life, the tree of life, the shepherding Lamb who wipes away our tears — these beautiful images can give us vision and courage today, as we stand ready to cross over into a new future. “We stand at a crossing point, a kairos moment for our world. In little and big ways, each day, we are called to make choices that affect the whole creation,” she said. “This moment really matters. Therefore ‘choose life,’ God tells us, ‘so that you and your descendents may live.’”

So to reduce global warming, by putting solar panels on your church is a wonderful way to evangelize.  Reading this you get the idea that we are “saving” the world.  She amazingly connects a prophetic apocalyptic message from Revelation of John, to adding solar panels.


July 13, 2009 - Posted by | politics, Presbyterian

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  1. This is beyond sad.

    Comment by wspotts | July 24, 2009

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