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Peace peace when there is no peace….update

nobel teleprompterI found it quite humorous to hear that President Obama won the Nobel peace prize yesterday.  For me it raises the question of what peace means?  How has the President brought about greater peace?  Has he healed divisions? Has he ended worldly conflict somewhere? 

Maybe he should have been awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature for inventing the unique and remarkable slogan "Yes, we can" and “hope and change”?

Or maybe he should have been awarded the Prize for Medicine for inventing a miraculous Healthcare Reform plan that claims to save money while around the world, the same system is losing money and going under–with completely inferior care?

Or how about the Prize for Physics working to stop this world destroying itself due to global warming, when all the current scientific evidence is pointing in the opposite direction?  Just how short-sighted are we?

And why should he be overlooked for the Prize for Economics for spending almost $800 billion dollars to create a negative number of jobs in America, throwing away much of that money in government waste and graft?

You would be hard-pressed to find any person on Earth or in history, who has achieved so much in such a short time. 


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