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“she would have aborted me if it was legal”

Let me see if I understand the more “moderate” view of abortion, setting aside for the time being the extremely rare case where the mother’s life truly hangs in the balance.  I would like to consider the shibboleth of abortion should be illegal “except in cases of rape and incest.”  I would like to analyze this from both the perspective of the moderate/centrist liberal and from the moderate/centrist leaning conservative and see if it makes sense from either direction.

Let me first see if I understand this from the more liberal position.

1. Liberals tend to want to protect the rights of the living even in cases of murderers (anti-death penalty).

2. Yet, they want to protect the so-called libertarian (pro-choice) right of a woman to choose to have an abortion.

3.  So more moderates will give in on elective abortions, but still staunchly defend the woman’s right to choose in cases of rape and incest, believing that it is the “compassionate” way of minimizing those horrendous acts.

4.  So the net effect is that the rapist and/or incest perpetrator gets a shortened more lenient sentence, while the innocent product of that rape/incest receives the death penalty.

5.  The positive is viewed as minimizing the negative impact on the victims, yet many studies have indicated just the opposite, due to health and emotional damage compounded by the abortion.


From the perspective of the left this is absolute nonsense.  Do they not want to “care” for the “least of these” in these cases?  Yet, ultimately they are causing damage to both the unborn…who receives the ultimate penalty (DEATH), though they are the most innocent, and the mother…who suffers with emotional and physical trauma compounded by the death of her unborn child. 

If they refuse to see the unborn child as a human being (which is often the justification from the Left) then there is still the issue that the mother continues to bear the marks of both the violent act of the incest and/or rape and the subsequent act of the abortion.


From the perspective of the Conservative leaning moderate:

1. Conservatives want to protect the life of the unborn child (sometimes without caring about the situation of the mother).

2. The “moderates” view this as a satisfactory compromise, thinking they will reduce the numbers of abortions.

3.  Yet they effectively have affirmed the view that the unborn child conceived in a violent and/or immoral act is of “no value” and therefore does not need protecting, by agreeing to such legislation.  They are therefore sacrificing and compromising on the truth that all human life is of immeasurable value and allowing this most innocent victim to receive the death penalty.

4.  They also view this as “compassionate” to the plight of the woman victim, “easing her pain” in the short-term but causing greater distress in the long-term.

Conclusion:  The compromise makes no sense from the more conservative perspective, for to minimize the value of the life of a human being in the case of rape/incest completely undermines the rationale for the pro-life position in the first place and opens wide the door complete unrestricted abortion on demand.

Here is a sobering story that truly addresses where this logic leads:

“She told me that she would have aborted me if it was legal”

Rebecca Kiessling



November 9, 2009 - Posted by | Family, politics, Theology


  1. I can definitely confirm that your understanding of liberalism is “absolute nonsense”. That is, I did not recognize my own reasoning in what you described, and presented as it was from a polemical point of view, it comes off as nonsense indeed. To me, this means you don’t really understand what you’re critiquing.

    Comment by Doug | November 11, 2009

  2. Doug,

    Why don’t you describe for us how a “liberal” might reason toward a view that abortions should be legally restricted to these cases? Instead of merely making an ad hominem atttack, please present the proper reasoning.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Adel | November 11, 2009

  3. Adel,

    I know a number of self avowed liberals. Few can clearly state their reasoning – but many can use big words they don’t understand!


    Comment by Rob Sayler | November 15, 2009

  4. Adel,

    I have always functioned with a pro-life belief system. When faced with a possible pregnancy after being raped myself I decided that I would have the child. I was fortunate to end up not being pregnant. I do not, however, find it my right to judge another woman and why her situation led her to choose abortion, adoption, or birth without knowing the facts. Yes, lower income areas have higher birth rate out of wed-lock, at younger ages, without the father being present, have more abortions, live around more lead paint, eat less healthy food, ya dah ya dah ya dah. But look at the children of America that with the huge number of abortions taking place are still not being taken care of. Look at all the boys and girls stuck in the foster care system, longing with all their might for their forever home. What wonders would take place if we made our first priority those children who HAVE been born. Once we have that problem solved we can deal with the ones whose mothers have decided to end their existance before they came out of the womb.

    Have a great day,

    Comment by susanswords | April 21, 2010

  5. Susan,

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog. Let me first state that I believe your situation as well as that of many other women is a very difficult trial. While there are no easy solutions, why is it you believe that murder should be an option?
    You refer to children in foster situations, yet would you rather have had them put to death in utero? What kind of solution is that? How is murder ever a better solution to life, even a life of poverty and extreme difficulty?

    In cases of rape, why should the most innocent victim involved be given the death sentence to make it “easier” (if that were possible) for the female victim?

    Let me follow up with further questions for you to consider. If you have had a pro-life attitude in the past, I assume you believed that the child in utero, was in fact, a human being. When did you stop thinking that was so and why? If you still believe that a pre-born human is in fact a human, why is it alright for anyone, including the mother to give that child a sentence of death? If indeed, you think it is alright that for the mother to put a pre-born child to death, why is it not alright for a mother to murder an infant?

    I would encourage you to peruse some of my other entries on abortion, including the entry on conceived in rape.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Adel | April 21, 2010

  6. Adel,

    Thankfully the situation was many years ago, but my personal behavior still to this day follows pro-life beliefs. Nothing has changed about that. So for me murdering a child would not be an option.

    The fact remains that while the child is in utero it is a parasite. It is feeding off of the mother to the extent that it would rob nutrients from the mother for its own gain. Who am I to tell another person what to do with their own body? Who am I to be part of something forcing another person to have to experience that for 10 months? It would be great if we could implement a spay and neuter system to reduce the pregnancies that are not planned, to reduce the loss of unborn lives. But it is not our right to tell another human what they can and cannot do with their own body….and that is why, though I personally could never harm a child whether in utero or not, I do not feel that we have the right to tell a mother what she can do with her body and by default her child’s body while it is in utero (and usually while it is under a certain gestational age.) Kinda makes me wish that we dropped eggs like birds, then all of us other hens could just stick them under our warm bums and incubate them ourselves!

    You wrote “You refer to children in foster situations, yet would you rather have had them put to death in utero? What kind of solution is that? How is murder ever a better solution to life, even a life of poverty and extreme difficulty?”

    What I stated is that if we all focused on the living children, the living children that have no one to tend to them., the children whose parents did birth them and give them up to have life, who wonder what the rest of their lives will bring. Or help out the poverty stricken families who DID have all of the children that they got pregnant with, and are now having a tough time caring for them financially, or keeping them off the streets. If we all focused on the living children that DO need help then we could really help someone. So did I suddenly stop believing that a child in utero was indeed a child? No. I just think that your efforts would be better focused on something that would actually help the children.

    Have a good day.


    Comment by susanswords | April 22, 2010

  7. Susan,

    You are either very confused by the issue, or you choose to continue deceiving yourself.

    You write, “for me murdering a child would not be an option”. Yet, you would not wish to restrict others “murdering a child”, as you put it. So I assume you would be out there picketing and working to free anyone who might have been imprisoned for murdering infants. For an infant is also a “child”.

    You then write that a child in utero is “a parasite”. Do you mean that the child is completely dependent on the mother? When does this end? Would not a young child also be just as dependent? Are they not still to one degree or another “parasitical” as you put it? Are you suggesting that a child in utero is less “human”…less of a “child”?

    You then write, “who am I to tell another person what to do with their own body?” Well this certainly sounds very libertarian…but do we not pass laws all the time that dictate the limits of our own actions with our own bodies? Are you not also forgetting that there is a “child” involved, by your own admission? Does that child have absolutely no rights? Would it be alright for someone else to strike a woman, purposely killing the child? Should they only be charged with assault on the woman? If the child has no rights or protections under the law, why should this be a problem?

    I am all for taking better care of all children, and work with children regularly myself. I am the first in line to work for better situations for children in difficult situations. But does this abrogate my responsibilities of doing all I can to help protect tens of millions of children who are murdered in this country every year?

    Susan, you simply cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that you believe that a child in utero is indeed a human person, but then defend their being murdered by anyone, especially those who have the greatest responsibility of protecting them (the parents). I would suggest you seriously reconsider your thinking on this issue. I would also suggest you carefully watch the videos that are linked on this post.

    Thank you,

    Comment by Adel | April 30, 2010

  8. Adel,

    Your response was well thought out and kind.

    “So I assume you would be out there picketing and working to free anyone who might have been imprisoned for murdering infants.” Thanks for making me think of speaking up for the rights of women even though my own personal behavior would have a different end result. I think I will look into what is available for me to picket close to my home. This isn’t an issue that I have ever thought of speaking for or against publicly in the past.

    Thanks you,

    Comment by susanswords | May 3, 2010

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